Uckfield Bonfire 2011

After a great fireworks display last night at Holy Cross School, bonfire 2011 properly gets underway this evening in Uckfield, for the first of (what is now, following the cancellation/imploding of Burgess Hill) eleven Saturday nights of burning fun and intense banging, between now and the middle of November, including the “big daddy”, Lewes, on 5th November,which falls on a Saturday this year.

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It all gets underway at Grange Road in Uckfield from 7:30pm this evening with the procession heading off down to the station, up to New Road, Harcourt Road, Vernon Road, Selby Road, Framfield Road and then back up to the top of the High Street to Southview Drive and then, after a short pause, back down to the bus station.

Roads in the town centre will be restricted during the procession, so make sure you are parked in plenty of time and don’t become trapped if you wish to leave early!

The Weather:

Should be dry, probably quite warm, with just the outside chance of a thunder storm!

Sussex Weather 5th-14th August

A quick look at the weather:

A fine and dry evening today (5th) will lead into a dry night and a fine morning, although it will be a bit breezier than it has been today.  Mostly dry through the morning but some showers will crop up through the afternoon, which could hit anywhere, with some places staying dry.  Sunday will see an increase in the showers, but the day won’t be a total write off.  Not as warm as it has been, but not cold, with a temperature range over the weekend of 20-23°C.

The start of the working week looks a bit damp and murky on Monday, but I think it will soon cheer up and by the middle of the week things are looking good.  Temperatures could well be heading into the mid-twenties by Wednesday and Thursday.

The end of the week looks like there is a chance of some showery rain, but we’re a long way off yet.  Certainly the weekend is looking to see a breakdown, with Saturday the wettest day – so bear that in mind and keep an eye on the forecast if you are heading to Airbourne or Pride over the weekend.

Sussex Weather for Week Beginning 10th July 2011


After a dry night, with temperatures down to around 12-14°C, Monday will be a fine, dry and often sunny day, especially along the coast.  There may be some cloudier spells though, especially across the High Weald.  Temperatures up to a rather pleasant 22-25°C.


Not as sunny as Monday, but I think that there will still be places that see the golden orb, although cloud will thicken as a front moves in towards the end of the day.  This will generate some overnight rain, which may be heavy in places, and I think all of us will see some of it.  Slightly cooler than Monday, with temperatures in the low to mid 20’s, peaking out around 24°C.


After the overnight rain clears, it will be a day of variable cloud, with the chance of seeing some sun, and temperatures around average at 22°C


As it stands at the moment, Thursday is looking to be quite a pleasant day, with some decent sunshine and warm temperatures, around 23°C


Not as sunny as Thursday, mostly cloudy but it should be dry.  Still pleasant at around 22-24°C

Sussex Weather for Week Beginning 27 June 2011




After a warm and humid night (during which temperatures in many places remained above 20°C), today will be a hot and sunny day, with temperatures above 30°C in Sussex, with temperatures possibly peaking as high as 32°C mid-afternoon.

As we head overnight into Tuesday, cloud will increase and thunderstorms will head in from the South West.  Not everywhere in Sussex will get one, but, where you do expect a large amount of rain in a short space of time.

The thunderstorms hang about as we head into Tuesday, but there may also be some sunny spells, although it will generally be more overcast than the last few days. They mark the boundary between the hot, moist, and humid air we have been experiencing and cooler, fresher air behind, coming in from the Atlantic.  Temperatures on Tuesday less high, but still warm, around 23-25°C for most places.


A similar theme Wednesday to Friday – dry, with good spells of sunshine and temperatures in the low 20’s.  Once the thundery showers have cleared away into Wednesday, the cloud should break to give some nice, sunny spells, with temperatures in Sussex around 19-21°C, it’s a similar story on Thursday and once again on Friday, although high pressure from the south will move in slightly into Friday, helping raise temperatures a couple of degrees to a rather pleasant 22-24°C across Sussex, although it may be slightly cloudier.


If you asked me to dip my toe into the water, I’d say, in the southeast, we have the best chance of seeing any dry weather, with Saturday looking warm and pleasant and, hopefully, at least most of Sunday too, but that’s a long way away yet, with some weather fronts already lining up in the Atlantic, although currently looking more likely to affect the North West of the UK, not the South East.

Where in Sussex Weather Prediction Week 9

WEATHER: The last day of winter will be fairly unremarkable in the SE, with maybe some showers overnight and into the morning, otherwise dull and fairly average.  The rest of the working week, starting with the first day of spring on Tuesday, will remain dull, no precipitation to write home about, but feeling raw from mid week onwards in strong easterly winds.  Temperatures by day and night generally 5-10°C

SR Mon: 0647 – SS Mon: 1735

SR Fri: 0649 – SS Fri: 1742

200 Days to Go

There are just 200 days until the start of the 2011 bonfire season in Uckfield on 3rd September!

I am currently compiling information on all the main Sussex Bonfire events and will be posting more information nearer the time.

The site is currently being redeveloped too, to provide more generic bonfire information.

Watch this space and have a great summer!


2011/01 – Bexhill to Rye

If you fancy a ride along the beach, beside the marshes, but with the challenge of a nice Cat 4 climb, then this is a nice varied ride for you.  About 18 miles,  it usually takes me about 2 hours from Bexhill to Rye station on a mountain bike, but you may want to leave a little bit longer if you want to catch a specific train – they only run once an hour during the day – so you have to be there on time.  The service on Sunday is pretty much the same as weekdays, but you can always check the times online at Southern Railway.  At the time of writing you can get a 10% discount on rail tickets online, so it’s worth a visit, unless you fancy cycling back to Bexhill of course (rather you than me!)

Rye is an ancient town, one of the Cinque Ports, so it is worth exploring, there is a bike rack outside the front of the station.

The ride itself is mainly on quiet roads, the Hastings seafront section is mainly on cycle track and the only bit involving main roads is around the Old Town of Hastings – but you can easily get around cycling on the A259 itself.  The climb up Barley Lane is short and steep, although the climb continues for a fair distance to Fairlight Road along a track.  It isn’t steep though after the initial shock.

Later in the year I will publish part two of this ride – Rye to Folkestone via Lydd.

[iframe_loader width=”425″ height=”350″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ src=”http://maps.google.co.uk/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&oe=UTF8&start=0&num=200&msa=0&msid=212718871074121032190.00049c30aaf8ad099c688&ll=50.856218,0.548685&spn=0.036775,0.15526&output=embed”]
View Bexhill to Rye in a larger map

Mayfield Bonfire and Carnival 2010

(Provisional) Times, travel, parking and procession (parade!) information for Mayfield Bonfire 2010 (based on last year)

With the first bonfire procession down, in a couple of weeks on Saturday, 18th September 2010 the focus turns to the small village of Mayfield, between Heathfield and Tunbridge Wells.

Events in the village start early in the day, with a street market from 12:30-3:30pm in the village centre and at 3:15 the children of the society and village take part in their own procession from the Royal Oak to the War Memorial at St Dunstan’s Church in the village.

If you’re looking for something to do earlier in the day, then take a trip to the Congregational Church in the village, in Station Road near the junction with Rotherfield Road, where you will find a memorial in the courtyard to the six martyrs of Mayfield (and one of Rotherfield) who were burned near this location in the persecutions of Bloody Mary. But more of that when we visit Lewes on the 5th!

The main events of the evening kick off at 6:45, with the laying of a wreath at the War Memorial, followed by the crowning of the Bonfire Princess, who, I am reliably informed, will not be burnt on the fire (there isn’t one!)….

At 7:30 the first procession heads from West Street to the Rose and Crown, where “refreshments” will surely be served. At 8:20 we move off to Stone Cross, via South Street before forming up again at 9:15 to head from Stone Cross to Nat West. After this short procession the final “grand” procession heads from Nat West to the Memorial Hall, before fireworks at 10:15pm in Court Meadow!

Parking in small villages can be a nightmare, so make sure you arrive in plenty of time, or you will be in for a bit of a hike. Make sure you park with consideration.

Remember – Mayfield is a small and remote village with no station and can become very congested. The discharging of fireworks is not welcome in this procession and the local police will be backed up with reinforcements from around the County, so don’t try it!

Support the society and community by only buying merchandise and food from authorised retailers.  This year the society are organising their own bar and food stall and are asking everyone to support it.  Programmes are on sale in the village with the full information!


By car follow the A267 from Tunbridge Wells towards Heathfield or the A267 from Heathfield to Tunbridge Wells.

From the coast the best route is to Lewes and then take the A26 towards Uckfield, fork right to Ringmer on the B2192, follow the B2192 over the A22 at Halland and then after about four miles take the left hand fork just before Cross-in-Hand for Tunbridge Wells (A267) along the “Mayfield Flat” then follow the A267!

The (out of date) website can be found here!

Crowborough Carnival & Bonfire 2010

Saturday 11th September sees this year’s second Sussex Bonfire procession of the year, with a trip to one of the highest places in Sussex, Crowborough.

The main event of the evening gets underway at 7pm, when wreaths are laid at the war memorial, which I believe is at All Saints Church, next to the green.

The procession gets underway at 7:30, from Chapel Green, just after the crowning of the carnival queen at 7:15.

After leaving the green at 7:15, two hours of processing through the streets of the town get underway, with a long ramble right round the town, which last year was in the area south of Crowborough Hill and took in a refreshment stop at the Bricklayers Arms in Whitehill Road, but the details of which can be found in the programme, which is available in the town. The route of the procession will take the procession of torches and floats through the streets and back to the Chapel Green area for about 9:30pm.

Last year there were no fireworks and I believe this year will be the same, although this is unconfirmed at the time of writing, but there was a fairground and small bonfire on the green, again check for details if this is of importance!

Roads will be closed from around 6pm and parking is available around the area, on street and in car parks, but please be sensible about where you park and be considerate to residents.

Trains arrive at xx:46 from Uckfield TO London Bridge and xx:03 FROM London Bridge/Oxted to Uckfield. The last train TO Uckfield is 23:03 and the last train TO London is 23:47. It should be noted the train station is a fair walk from Crowborough town centre.