Review: New Trent IMP50D

If you’re like me and you use your phone a lot for everything from GPS to a video camera, Twitter & Facebook to even something as outrageous as making calls, then you’ll know that mobile phone batteries have not advanced at the same rate as the mobile phone.

This is where the “external battery pack” steps in.  Think of it like a normal phone charger, but without the need for a plug socket when you’re out and about.  You just plug your phone into the battery pack and it recharges it as it sits in your bag, on your desk, on the seat tray on the train, wherever you need external power.

The IMP50D is not the most powerful in the New Trent range, but, at around the size of an iPhone, it’s small enough to slip into your pocket or bag and not be chunky or a weight burden.  It has a 1A output and a 500mA output, so you can charge big devices like iPads or Galaxy Tabs in less time than a lot of normal USB chargers would.

The IMP50D has a charge indication on the front – three lights showing the charge state, so no excuses for taking it out without charging it – a word of warning, the lights remain on until you press the button again, so make sure you switch off after use, or you’ll eventually drain the battery!

You charge the IMP50D using a mini USB input – this is not the normal phone USB (that’s a micro USB) but it the USB that most cameras have.  The lead supplied with it has interchangeable ends, so you can just plug into your PC if you don’t have a mains USB charger to hand, no big dramas there.

I have a, rather juicy, HTC One X, and this product can give at least two overnight charges, so it’s ideal for a night or two camping, backpacking or a day when you know you’re not going to be near the mains for a long time.

The IMP50D is available from Amazon for just under £20 and is a good “starter” battery pack for those who require power on the move for their phone or tablet device – an extra battery for your phone (if you can even replace the battery – iPhone users take note!) will probably be at least this price and will only give you one charge.


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