Eastbourne Bonfire Procession and Fireworks 2011

Sorry for the late and brief update on Eastbourne – this is my fault entirely!

Eastbourne is a good, family bonfire, with no rookies/bangers allowed and lots of good viewing on the seafront.   Posh Old Bloke and Beardy Hat Man put a lot of effort into this, so come down and enjoy it!  Michael Fish says this evening will be dry and there won’t be a hurricane.  So I guess a waterproof jacket wouldn’t go amiss!

The procession is different to last year – starting at the Fishermens’ Club, down the eastern end of the seafront (near Fort Fun/Treasure Island/The Redoubt) and heading down towards the Wish Tower.  It will be on the road at the start, before heading down to the beach level.

The procession will start from the Fishermens’ Green and head towards the RNLI museum at 19:30, it will then descend to the lower prom for fireworks and fire-dancing.


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